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About Us

On Grid Solar Panels has been providing quality Solar Panels and alternative energy advice since our founding in 2008. It is our mission to encourage the ‘Green Energy’ use by everyone. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to make affordable alternative energy systems available to our customers. 


Dr. Dennis Steuck has served as On Grid Solar Panels Owner since 2008.

John Steuck has served as On Grid Solar Panels Manager since 2008.

Dan Steuck has served as On Grid Solar Panels Sales Manager since 2008.

Our employees are local Honor Students studying engineering and science research in High School and College.


Photovoltaic power is now becoming affordable to the average homeowner and our intent is to become leaders in this industry.

Alternative energy is now considered the industry with the greatest growth potential over the next 25 years as prices continue to decline for systems used in homes on-grid and off-grid.




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